Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Second Verse, Same as the First

Ok so we are doing a REVISED edition of the painting which has SOLD now... if it doesn't feel "done" then it doesn't feel "right" = there is a possibility of overworking it, but also there is this unsettling feeling

I will paint a number of these and some of you out there might like a painting as a reminder of the cottage...
I took a photo of some of the pieces of the ROCKS here... you can see the colours and how beautiful they are. So imagine huge rocks that you can walk across with the blue of the water and the big ol' pine trees leaning and the wind blowing - it is so lovely - so here are the rocks... if you enlarge it you can see all the beautiful colours

Now here is some of the scenery...

and this was not a sunny day, it was brutally windy and cold - I actually wore my winter hat and mittens with the windbreaker pants today to walk out here
You have to wear long pants because of the snakes (I don't paint them)