Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Good Day

Sunshine and long walk with my dog all through the rocks and woods today... and painted a wonderful happy sky full of colour and clouds with laying down of groundwork for some kind of landscape - I actually paint without a program, using numerous photos and my imagination and everything I have absorbed from the walks so I guess you could say I paint intuitively and spontaneously - squeeze out the paint and put on the music and just do it... so today was GREAT - painted to Rod Stewart (every day different music - from waltzes to country to classic rock) and today Rod helped me paint a beautiful happy sky

This sky is dramatic and was fun to paint - I have seen so many of these skies here

This is oil on canvas about 16x18

Now I can focus on the land - it looks like it might be another meadow

I usually end up with a path somewhere (probably because I make paths every day on my walks with the dog - so it is symbolic but actual) and each day we walk a new path
This next photo shows the progression of my work and how I develop the painting

But tomorrow's photo might look totally different - with oils you can paint over everything and I have done that many times - completely changed it

but I think I will keep this sky for sure - does anyone else like it?