Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gorgeous Fall Colours this year!

Summer has come and gone... and the beautiful FALL colours are spectacular this year!
Sumac bush with Autumn colors
Available on canvas, framed/unframed prints & cards at Claire Bull Art website 
Have been able to get out and take photos with great walks and fun with the dog - she loves Boating!

Dog in lifejacket enjoying boat ride
Fun Boat Rides and Water in the Sunshine = Happy Dog!

New art available from summer - This original is acrylic on 6 x 12 inch wood panel - LOTS of SIZES available as canvas art or prints ;)
Red dancing boots painting
Dancing Boots - Original available at Claire Bull Fine Art , or you can choose any size Canvas, Framed and Unframed Prints, Cards available here  Claire Bull Art Selections

The Guardians - from part of a larger acrylic painting - this is available as canvas art, prints, cards at my website on Fine Art America

Also working on some Christmas cards - putting them up at my Zazzle Shop 

Handmade Cards for Christmas - from my original art - available through me at my ETSY shop
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Thanks everyone - I will keep you updated when I can ;) Hope you had a great summer!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

VL Artist of the Day: VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Claire Bull

VL Artist of the Day: VL Magazine Artist of the Day is Claire Bull: © Red Umbrella By Claire Bull © The Path By Claire Bull © Color Blocks By Claire Bull "Creative expression and free...

Today was a good day. The entire month of April was good - On the COVER (and inside pages) of Visual Language Arts Magazine for APRILSpring is here after a LONG winter (although it gave us time to create and be in the studio it was really tough on the old bones and heating pads with fireplace and warm knitted sweaters were a necessity ) and YAY for getting some color back to this gray brown world.

We saw the sun about five times through the whole winter. The rest of the time we saw big flakes of Snow and gray. BUT. In the deep cold with the white covering everything, it is silent and magical and there is no dampness and it does not hurt and there are no bears or critters so your dog can run free and the fireplace and the knitting and the sun sparkling on the snow. It is really really nice and crisp and clean and white and beautiful.

and another BUT... I am glad it is done. Welcome Spring and warmth and color and new growth and rain and sun and flowers. The paintings in this "Artist of the Day" featured are my Umbrella painting - It is a Mix of Rain and Snow falling on the Red Umbrella - and "The Path" is from Honey Harbour at Georgian Bay area in Muskoka where we all enjoy our cottage time and those beautiful pink granite rocks and evergreen trees, and the "Color Blocks" is an abstract work from my imagination.

I am honoured to be part of this magazine and featured here among so many talented artists.
Please support my websites Claire Bull Fine Art for my originals and my Print on Demand website with amazing quality and the best reproduction website I could find, I have personally ordered every item from them and am proud to be have them representing my art - Claire Bull Prints, Cards, Canvas Reproductions at Fine Art America and I am working on Art Licensing and Royalty Free images with them (contact me - we are working on it) - and many gift items (iPhone cases, notecards, pillows, binders, magnets, notebooks, etc) available through my Zazzle websites worldwide. Just type in your suffix - ie. ca. nz. au. com.  

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I have been an "artist" since I knew how to hold a crayon. When I am out for a walk all I see is the color and where the branches lie and how the light hits them and where is the moss and what colors in the moss and how the bark shadows hit the tree and how the shadows hit the ground. The new flowers and how they shine and the shades of green in the leaves and the pinks of the flower with the curve of the petals. I am trying to capture that. But it is impossible to capture so I try to interpret it and I am glad you are liking it.


Please tell your friends and family and other art people about me as I find it really difficult to do the shows and am trying to work in the studio and just put it here online. We ship worldwide and Canada Post and internet are huge for artists like me.

Grateful to you and thanks for supporting me.

Claire Bull

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rise Above it all

Rise is an acrylic painting on 6 x 6 wood with a surprise added to it. I often find bits and pieces of things like a perfect leaf, or a beautiful flower or seed while on my walks with the dog and I bring them home. They can be used for ideas, or actually incorporated into the work in my mixed media art.

acrylic painting "Rise" by Claire Bull
"Rise" Mixed Media on 6x6 wood by Claire Bull 

Lots of fun colour in this one, the blue of the sky and bright reds... it is an abstract landscape piece with a fading barn rising up in the distance and texture added for fun.  Signed by me, the artist and ready to hang. No frame necessary.

Have a good night folks ;)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Remember when everything was blue and beautiful and you could lie down in the field and look up and see flower stems and blue sky and stillness? And you felt like everything was peaceful and it was so quiet... except for that darn mosquito or fly
Acrylic on wood panel

I wanted to paint something abstract but it feels like a nature landscape to me with those flowers and that sense of freedom. This has a lot of texture in it and is almost 3D.

Painted acrylics on 6x6 wood panel, painted on the sides so need for a frame - ready to hang, signed front and back by me, the artist Claire Bull.

Have a great night folks - "Remember" and try to keep forging on making more memories as I am trying to do with you. ;)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rose Garden

Rose Garden painting by Claire Bull
Rose Garden 6x6 acrylic $65

A red Rose Garden to help ease us all through the snowstorms and ice and high winds. I hope everyone is safe and warm out there. The roses will be back again soon with their beautiful soft petals and lovely scent.
This is acrylic on 6 x 6 inch Ampersand artist panel, signed and ready to hang.
Happy 2014 everyone, I think the Roses are positive and bright and happy, and hopefully that is what the new year will be for us all.
Have a good night everyone ;)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Trees

Winter Trees
5x7 acrylic on canvas
Art by Claire Bull

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 - Hope all of you survived the ice storms and power outages and we are all back to "normal". The only good thing about the horrible winter storms is the ability to have some new material and photos to paint - if you were lucky enough to watch from indoors all cozy by the fire and have your shelter, heat and food, you would appreciate the beauty and know that we can somehow take away a bit of positive from it all.
My parents suffered tremendously and so many others have suffered true devastation. We saw streets with driveways full of trees on cars and houses with trees on them and ice and cars in ditches and we ourselves experienced it all with my parents and it was worse than I could ever have imagined and cannot describe 
I hope this gives some of you a bit of winter's positive side and the glory of the snow and ice 
This is a second one in the series ... the first was "Winter Wonderland" and this matching 5 x 7 is called "Winter Trees"
both available as originals, prints and reproductions - enjoy  

Art by Claire Bull