Monday, March 21, 2011

Claire Bull Fine Art March 2011

Claire Bull Fine Art March 2011

Look what I figured out!! Click the link and see a quick 30 second video with my latest artwork !! With a little help from my friends on Fine Art America... we all share ideas
wow - Technology is FABULOUS!

So it is my first attempt at trying to make a video but it is a good start and I am pleased, it was easier than I thought it would be... each month I will put up the month's artwork as a video - isn't that cool?

This is fabulous progress for me and a wonderful way to reach all of you quickly and efficiently - gives me more time to PAINT

Have a great day everyone and thanks again for supporting me and helping me figure out all this technology stuff - we are lucky to have this and reach so many people so easily

Claire ( and also on EBSQ - setting up a great site for self-representing artists - am working on adding more art there but it is a great spot !!!

( it has all my links to different spots and they are so supportive and helpful

hugs to all - I am off to paint - working on a really cool painting

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Done, Done and Done!! Did You Miss Me?

Okay so I have been painting and working on the fractals and NEGLECTING THE BLOG which is not a good thing
Here is the latest - paintings and fractals and recent happenings - hopefully some of you  missed me...I would like to think that maybe you look forward to my work as I am painting my little heart out and trying to do endless hours on the computer creating modern art and fractals (the most recent fractal took 26 hours rendering time and about 9 hours of work to make so seriously for one fractal? it takes produce this stuff) and now to show it off to you!

So THE GIRL IS DONE - that is a big deal for me as I usually do not do portraits... so getting the skin tone and the eyes (I love the eyes, don't you? They follow us around the room, my daughter says they are spooky and she is "creepy") but I used to have a collection of China Dolls and she reminds me of one of those dolls and to me, she is from that time era where they were all dressed up and the curls and the elaborate clothes and the velvet chair - even though she is just sitting to read and enjoying her beautiful fairy tale book (The Gift of Imagination title relates to the reading fairy tales like we did ) and gazing off into the distance collecting her thoughts and imagining the fairy tale world
If you want to see the progress (she started off with a pink dress) you can scroll back to the previous blogs)

I have also been doing a lot of fractal work on the computer when I wait for the paint to dry - or take a break
So this is something I came up with using Apophysis which is a fractal program on the computer - to commemorate the 9/11 Twin Towers with the fire and flames and explosion and kind of a ghostly image of the two buildings from a unique perspective, looking up at it - a tribute to that day and all of the people who suffered and how the world changed - I actually like it, although it is a bit different for me as I try to paint and create a world with everything all beautiful - but this turned out really well and I like it - a good modern piece and commemorative and reminder of the history of our world and how we were all united that day  no matter where we were located

After that... we need something beautiful and happy and peaceful - this is a delicate floral fractal, made without a photo - using layers and a lot of experimentation to achieve this view of the inside of a flower. I called it " Be Strong Little Flower" after some words in the last stanza of a poem by Walter Poe called "White Rose" - " Be strong little flower, your heart will guide true" - it is a beautiful poem and I thought it was so appropriate, given the tragic recent events in Japan and their delicate paintings and florals and just a bit of sentimental encouragement to the people who are suffering with some inspirational artwork.
This one is called "Flight of Future Days" from a bit in John Milton's 'Paradise Lost' - "the never-ending flight of future days"  - I thought it was a great title - this is a fractal made with a blank slate on the computer and it turned out so beautifully... I think it is inspirational - like a kite flying or an angel or a sailboat sailing freely through the waves. It is a bit of a statement. I think the world is upside down right now and although I can manage rocky shores .. it is too much for so many of us and I am trying to send out some personal work that is inspirational and uplifting and positive. This art takes hours to make and the computer is just a tool to create a new art form. Hours of time go into each of these pieces and yet it is a way to add some beauty and peace and creativity so I am enjoying it.

I am grateful and although we are so busy and caught up with our individual lives, I want to just send my best wishes to those out there who are suffering and maybe the art will brighten your day or help you feel like there is hope and things will get better. I used to use food and cooking and baking as a way to give hugs and love, and try to make things "better" but now that the kids are grown,, I have gravitated towards my art. Maybe some of my work will help. I am working on some canvas pieces right now which are really fun abstracts and I appreciate the freedom of being able to create and paint and contribute something. Hopefully all of you will find some time today to be able to feel a bit of freedom and peace and hope for our future.

I will be back to visit soon and I am so glad you visited me - thank you again to all who have supported me and are buying my work. I appreciate it so very much. Claire