Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Works busy busy busy!!

New works as Fall approaches, working on a new Fan Page for Facebook so I will have two of them, and painting some lovely new pieces of art
Each day is getting cooler and the sunsets are spectacular - found a little dead bird the other day on our walk and was able to capture a beautiful Monarch butterfly
Every day is different - here is some of the new art I am working on
Of course there are a lot of colours again - this is a mixed media piece with acrylics, pastels and collage and is almost done
There is a "double" one that I am doing on wood panels using GOLDEN light molding paste and a palette knife and sponges here
They will not be the same, but will be a set and I really like the 3D effect we can achieve with the molding paste

On a recent weekend I was able to capture this DOUBLE RAINBOW which was so beautiful and only lasted for a few seconds... it was just wonderful 

Hope everyone has had a great summer - I am looking forward to some great photos this Fall and some good painting and will keep posting for you on the blog - thanks for all of your lovely comments and support