Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Bit of the Process

It takes many layers to make a lot of my paintings and sometimes it takes weeks. I use different materials and techniques to make the textured backgrounds and work on more than one painting at a time so the crackling will crackle or the mediums will work their magic.  I thought I would just post a few "Progress" pics here so you can see a bit of the process.
This one is called "Under the Sea" and is 30 x 30 on gallery sized canvas. This is one of the acrylic paintings that took me weeks of work.

With the Fibromyalgia and arthritis and the back injury, I do have to work at the paintings in increments and take breaks - sometimes it is hard to hold a brush so I use my fingers and sponges. I paint each day and it is my favourite part of the day.
that is a day's work for me ... I cannot work faster than that or do more and all of that motion with my hands meant pain later in the evening but I loved the start of this and it was a large canvas for me so - then it had to dry for a couple of days while I worked on another one. Here is another progress pic...

Lots of colour added (this was over a few days also as i added the colours separately or they would mix together )  we are getting some depth now

And the texture is growing - I don't think I took more pics but will see if I can find any and insert them here - otherwise you can see from this closeup, the texture and the detail increasing. I work on portions at a time and do not work right to left or left to right, I work on where the music takes me and then step back and let the painting tell me where it is going.

So stepping back, you can see the fish now and the way it is building up in layers.

I always love LOTS OF COLOUR so of course, this one was fun to do with the transparent colours and layers and mixing some and leaving others right out of the tube

Eventually it was done and turned into a fantasy seascape of underwater fish and coral and maybe that is what it is really like down there !! Remember the story about Atlantis?? Maybe ....

Then some final touches and wait again a few days for it all to dry thoroughly - this is acrylic so it does not take too long, but with oil paints you wait months before varnishing. So with this acrylic, then you can choose to varnish it (which brings out the colours and seals it) or leave it ... and I like to varnish most of mine. I did not varnish this one as it is such a large painting and I have nowhere to put it in the house to do it !! But I think when the warmer weather comes, I will spray it to seal it and at least get that vivid colour.

This is now available as prints, cards, reproductions on canvas, acrylic and metal surfaces through my websites   here is my Fine Art America website   Have a happy day no matter where you are, full of colour and fun ;)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Come Sail Away Lady with Suite Madame Blue

So can you guess what music I am listening to while I paint??? Styx ... and let me just say that music is very inspirational and it gets into your head - if you paint to music, this is a great band - actually we can add "Mr. Roboto" to that list - I just put my iTunes onto "Styx" and all the songs looped

 Fun to do the
abstract painting listening to that and it takes me back to the great memories.

Here is "Black-Eyed Susans" 11 x 14 acrylic on canvas, Sold - but prints, cards and reproductions available here ...

This is from a few days ago and not time for photos of today's art but at least I am posting on the blog for you guys ;))

My art is now available for purchase at a local cafe in Midland, Ontario - The Ladybug Cafe  - Wonderful sandwiches and homemade soup and amazing desserts! Plus local musicians play there on Tuesday nights. Check out Chef Glen and Elaine's great cafe and buy some art at the same time ;)

Support YOUR local artists too - go to art galleries, shows, studio tours and visit their websites - let them know you LIKE their work and become a Fan on their Fan Page - there are a lot of ways to show your support that do not involve "purchasing" but of course we do need to make a living too and work hard at this.

This art has sold but is available as framed/unframed prints, cards, and reproductions on canvas, metal and acrylic surfaces at my Fine Art America website   here

And of course one of the first flowers to pop up is the PANSY - little Violas, Violets and Pansies are very hardy and can tolerate the cold frosty nights of Spring - here is an acrylic painting of Purple and Red Pansies on 8 x 10 wood - I had to brighten it up for viewing as the original is much darker... the greens are a deep evergreen and the purples dark dark  - and it was difficult to get an accurate photo - this has lots of texture in it and the Original is for sale ;)  Have you bought your Pansies yet? I am hoping to be able to see them come up soon along with the Tulips and Daffodils !

I sure do hope we see the flowers soon - the snow is almost gone and there are lots of buds on the trees - we are waiting for the green !!!