Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Child and Abstracts New 2011 Paintings

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays and back to work and a NEW year - Making great progress with the painting and happy to share with you!! Thank you all for your support and for following me...
I have been working on a really different one (figures are different for me) with a little girl reading a book - I have always loved my books
I am pleased... she looks a bit bizarre right now but that is what paintings look like as you go along... just don't be afraid to play with it and adjust and adjust and adjust... it will be fine eventually you will make your statement and the painting tells you what to do (I am planning to make her hair long but have to work on the dress first so it is the base and done - then add more hair - but who knows ? She might talk to me and want a whole different look)

So that is my newest acrylic painting and here is a close view of her face (so far - remember things change and this is just the start - I am shaky with the fine details too so she might be more impressionist as I cannot control my hand movements anymore the way I could in the past) 
So this closeup is for those of you who have asked me how I do this... you need to know where the light is coming from and then you work with the shadows and the different shades to get the depth and shape of the face and features - I outline in pencil for these ones and then work it in layers and keep changing it up... with my abstracts I am more free and no pencil, no outline, no rules - which is actually what I prefer - I love the freedom of the abstracts and just randomly going for it... working with the music - this one might work and it might not but I am having fun with it and creating 

here is an abstract that has been sitting around for a bit and I have picked it up again - it has no meaning other than what you can see - I have been told there are butterflies here ... 
It is a little "pink" right now and too much quinacrodone rose but I want to add some blue (of course - most of my work has blue) and this is all transparent colours so layers and layers but also using gel mediums so it is 3D and interference colours so who knows what will happen - I love the Pearl colour (GOLDEN pearl) it really is great when you mix it with other colours it just adds a sparkle and reflection
I have also been working on fractals and digitals and computer generated art - so when I am not able to paint at the easel I can still create.... here is a sample - these are all for sale as originals and prints (framed or unframed) and cards at my websites by the way - lots of colour and something for everyone
I called this one "Jewels and Satin" and I think it would be perfect for a dressing room or makeup table - my grandmother would have loved this  I used to do them in the early 90s but with dial-up and 28.8 and the old 386 computers it took hours and hours - am happy to work with the new technology and do this again
Here is another one...
I have called it "Fishing Around" cause to me it looks like a fish on the hook - although I have never seen a beautiful fish like this - my best fish was from my elbow to the tips of my fingers - how long is that? I made an iPad case and iPhone3G cases and mousepads out of this on my Zazzle site  if you want something cool
I have been working DAILY in the art studio and KNITTING at night - working on a Forest Canopy shawl in beige cashmere with crystal clear beads on the leaves and almost at 12 leaves - for my knitting friends - and starting another pair of socks - Love to all of you and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR !! 
Thank you again for all of your support and for buying my art and it is an honour to have my work in your homes and offices - wow - it is really a pleasure