Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Whole Month ? Seriously? I Know Why...

Ok so some time has flown by... I apologize but then again, it has been really productive and that is the whole point, right? This is an art blog and I need to paint and create... so I have - but you have missed out on all the fun
Here is an update with some of the latest art and I have just added 19 new pics to Facebook photos and trying to get these pieces onto the websites. This is a heck of a lot of work and takes way more effort than I would like (it takes away from painting time) but I hope you are hanging in there and happy to see my latest... I appreciate all of you supporting me and buying my art - Your money goes right back into art supplies (!!!!) SERIOUSLY it takes a lot of time and money to do this - but wow - it is what I have done all my life and now can do every day
YAY for living this long... here ya go
This one is called "Forest Flower Fairies" and is done on unstretched 22x22 canvas with mixed media and acrylics - it took a while - lots of time and tissue paper, Japanese papers and layers of transparent and luminescent colours - I am trying to figure out how to mount this on foamcore board and frame it cause it has too much detail and is too "thick with mixed media" to be stretched onto stretcher bars but for now it is available as prints and cards
I have been listening to some fabulous songs and they totally make the art - I was listening to "Dancin' on the Ceiling" and I almost fell off the walls - I listen to "GLEE" songs  and Stones and Rod Stewart and Kate Bush is great with her Cloudbusting song (on repeat) or Alan Parsons (all day long) - it depends on my mood but I just set it to repeat on iTunes and (Bodyrockers "One Night Only" is a fave) off I go... here are more
This one is to WELCOME SPRING with the tulips (which have yet to bloom here... although we have our Daffodils up ) and I love the red ones - they are my favourites - so I just kinda wanted to paint something to welcome Spring after all the white "ness" and no colour... this is acrylics on canvas all of these are for sale as originals, prints and cards and custom reproductions at my websites
Custom Reproductions at my Fine Art America website
and there are framed versions and prints at my Imagekind website but of course the originals are here at my house and I can ship them off to you with just an email and Paypal ... let me know what you would like
Delphiniums are one of my favourites and we used to have so many of them at the old house... in every shade of blue and purple (which as you have probably figured out are my fave colours - I am trying to NOT paint so much blue stuff but that is MY colour and I just grab it and go...) this is part of my Meadow Flowers series and is acrylics on canvas - all of these are painted on the sides and varnished, signed by me and ready to hang
I hope you have some of these in your garden, I miss them...
This is really different and SO COOL - I used mixed media to make this with acrylic paints and it is called "House and Home" trying to show the pride of ownership and how any house can be made into a "home" where you belong and feel that sense of pride and self worth...
This is another one that is part of my "Meadow Flowers" series and it is a wonderful bright painting acrylics on canvas - I entered it in the Saatchi Online Gallery (in the UK) competition and out of 6000 entries, it came in at 167 !!!!!!!!!!! It was in the top 300 (voted in with a two week period of public votes) and went on to the juried section - What an honour just to be in that top 300 !!! I did not make it to the top 30 - but a lot of the art is nudes and really different - but I MADE IT to the top 2 PERCENT which is awesome support and incentive to keep going - This painting is one of my favourites and I had to make myself stop at this point, I wanted to continue with details but put it aside - and want to try to do more like this - a loose style, and much easier on my hands to paint this way
I was lucky enough to be able to visit Florida this winter and get some warmth and sunshine. We were walking on the beach and this little toddler was chasing the birds... they would fly up above our heads and scatter and then gather on the beach pointing in one direction again and off the little one would go... chasing them and screaming - I had to paint this as soon as I got home - seeing this child gave me a sense of freedom and happiness - I loved that day  - this is a large one acrylic on canvas
all of these are for sale and available as prints and cards

And finally, to leave you with another Spring Floral, the Lilacs will be blooming soon and at the old house they used to grow up to the second storey windows in the mauve and purple and white colours - I would clip them but they spread and spread and took over - the bees would come but were so happy with the flowers they did not bother us and I could sit out there and knit and inhale the Lilac perfume... this is acrylic on canvas and of course available for all of you to enjoy

It is wonderful to be able to paint like this and create new works - experiment and learn about new techniques and have the ability to offer my work online - and to hear all of your positive comments!! I appreciate the support and again I am sorry I have not posted in a while but I was able to see my kids for Mothers Day and have been trying to rest and paint and hang in there with all of you and produce what I can, to make the world a happy colourful place. I have been trying to walk my dog each day (although it is raining today and she won't go outside in the rain) and reading a good book (Middlesex is good - takes a while to get into it - and just finished reading "Unbroken" which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND excellent WW2 story and really worth reading) and working on two lace shawls and three pairs of socks -  - the paintings are for you - I put my heart and soul (and music) into these and they need to be loved in a good home - I can do an update about every two weeks - that seems to be my best - Thanks guys !!! Happy Spring and hope all of you are having a wonderful day