Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is so cool... Abstract "Cosmos" painting

OK people... I have another one that is really abstract - it is 16x20 acrylic on canvas and I have called it "Cosmos" because it looks like the universe to me or space with all kinds of things happening out there - lots of layers in this one and colours and gel mediums with metallic pens and paints and just had a fun time making this

Am working on a 3 canvas set abstract right now and also have commissions to do - it's all coming along nicely - today is a gorgeous day and I need to take a break and get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Happy "SUN"DAY to all of you!

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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Artwork with new camera

My dog and I were frog hunting and I fell in... camera was toast and I have been waiting for the new camera - finally able to take pics of my latest art and show you what I have been doing while I waited!!
Excited to be doing pencil work again after a bit of a break 
Here is my latest progress on (guess who) - I put it on my Facebook page in previous stage and three of the ladies guessing got it right away! That is gratifying as it means I must be doing it accurately enough to portray the real person ( 
I have also been working on my acrylics and florals - a new one of Spring Daffodils, Original has SOLD but  I think this would be a pretty Mother's Day card or notecard set -  It is my sixth floral in the floral series - I love doing these - I miss my garden... so this is my way of getting my flower fix !!
We used to have two acres of gardens... I spent hours out there - but life is about change, isn't it? And now I have a lot of walking trails and beautiful woods and LESS cleaning, LESS maintenance and MORE art, more free time to walk the doggy and spend some together time with my DH and of course, to PAINT and CREATE - so all is good... (it was a tough adjustment)
I have always painted flowers... My favourite classes in school were Biology and Art - so maybe that has something to do with it 
So one more for now...

I hope you all get a chance to paint and create and enjoy the sunshine !!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She Cried....

So yesterday was a great day... my lady came over to pick up the commissioned work of her dog - and when she saw the painting, she cried - she grabbed me and we hugged and then I started to cry too - she said the work was so much better in person than it was on the internet (I had shown her photos of the work) and she was soooooooooo pleased!!! I used pen and ink on the whiskers and tongue and eyes and acrylic and it was 3D fur and she said I had captured him perfectly!
When you work hard on a painting or a mixed media piece of whatever you are trying to create, it is so gratifying and such a pleasure to get a response like that and see their face light up - and to actually have all that emotion and cry upon seeing a piece of art that you have created... as an artist, that is the ultimate reward (to me) - It was a beautiful day ... showing her my art studio and my other work - she said I "think differently" and I tried to show her what I was making and she said it was so different and creative and she was flabbergasted by it all
Then a neighbour walked by and saw some of my paintings on the front porch (I was varnishing) and he wants a painting too - so basically in one day I had two sales and positive positive hugs and excitement!!
It was a great day
I hope every one of you has someone who cries with you today... in a good way ;)))))) I am working on a few more right now (a few at a time) and outside varnishing and putting some gesso on boards and even figured out how to be a seller on ebay and set up an auction of three of my works!!
My ebay store - with auctions!! Yay I figured it out
and a Zazzle store with some coffee mugs (with my art on them - so pretty - nice Mom present) binder, notecards, Tshirt, womens shoes - it's fun doing all of this!
My new Zazzle store
I hope you  have a lovely fun day too!!