Wednesday, July 7, 2010

She Cried....

So yesterday was a great day... my lady came over to pick up the commissioned work of her dog - and when she saw the painting, she cried - she grabbed me and we hugged and then I started to cry too - she said the work was so much better in person than it was on the internet (I had shown her photos of the work) and she was soooooooooo pleased!!! I used pen and ink on the whiskers and tongue and eyes and acrylic and it was 3D fur and she said I had captured him perfectly!
When you work hard on a painting or a mixed media piece of whatever you are trying to create, it is so gratifying and such a pleasure to get a response like that and see their face light up - and to actually have all that emotion and cry upon seeing a piece of art that you have created... as an artist, that is the ultimate reward (to me) - It was a beautiful day ... showing her my art studio and my other work - she said I "think differently" and I tried to show her what I was making and she said it was so different and creative and she was flabbergasted by it all
Then a neighbour walked by and saw some of my paintings on the front porch (I was varnishing) and he wants a painting too - so basically in one day I had two sales and positive positive hugs and excitement!!
It was a great day
I hope every one of you has someone who cries with you today... in a good way ;)))))) I am working on a few more right now (a few at a time) and outside varnishing and putting some gesso on boards and even figured out how to be a seller on ebay and set up an auction of three of my works!!
My ebay store - with auctions!! Yay I figured it out
and a Zazzle store with some coffee mugs (with my art on them - so pretty - nice Mom present) binder, notecards, Tshirt, womens shoes - it's fun doing all of this!
My new Zazzle store
I hope you  have a lovely fun day too!!