Friday, July 23, 2010

New Artwork with new camera

My dog and I were frog hunting and I fell in... camera was toast and I have been waiting for the new camera - finally able to take pics of my latest art and show you what I have been doing while I waited!!
Excited to be doing pencil work again after a bit of a break 
Here is my latest progress on (guess who) - I put it on my Facebook page in previous stage and three of the ladies guessing got it right away! That is gratifying as it means I must be doing it accurately enough to portray the real person ( 
I have also been working on my acrylics and florals - a new one of Spring Daffodils, Original has SOLD but  I think this would be a pretty Mother's Day card or notecard set -  It is my sixth floral in the floral series - I love doing these - I miss my garden... so this is my way of getting my flower fix !!
We used to have two acres of gardens... I spent hours out there - but life is about change, isn't it? And now I have a lot of walking trails and beautiful woods and LESS cleaning, LESS maintenance and MORE art, more free time to walk the doggy and spend some together time with my DH and of course, to PAINT and CREATE - so all is good... (it was a tough adjustment)
I have always painted flowers... My favourite classes in school were Biology and Art - so maybe that has something to do with it 
So one more for now...

I hope you all get a chance to paint and create and enjoy the sunshine !!