Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wow - Time Changes Everything...

You guys! The Victorian girl pink dress is totally blue now... and she is coming along nicely - good progress for someone who has not done figurative work before - I am pleased.
And the abstract floral painting? It is now a man in a garden with his grandkids helping out - who knew?  - ANYWAY - you get into that place where time is lost and you are immersed in the painting and using fingers, brushes, sponges, and dancing around (at least that is me) and the painting totally changes into something else.

 Sometimes I leave the art on the easel and go take a break and as I climb back up the stairs and look at it, I see something totally different - or move the canvas around upside down and sideways and it becomes something else. Use a mirror and look at your painting that way. It is wonderful - the way the brain interprets colours and textures and changes it up.
So this was the FLORAL ABSTRACT - painting from the previous post - can you believe it? Me neither. I used a palette knife and then all of this stuff appeared... my father has always had a vegetable garden (but this painting is abstract so this could be flower garden or vegetable garden) and he just kinda appeared and then these kids appeared (they could be us or they could be the grandkids) and it is pretty non-descript so anyone can identify with the figures and the activity - It is actually still a WIP (work in progress) but I love the textures with the palette knife and the gel mediums and fun enough to post as it is... my dad grows these amazing vegetables and spends hours in the garden and of course, adores the children - he is the best "Dad" and "Grandpa" in the world - so I have called this one "Grandpa's Garden" and prints and cards available - I will have a second version up later
Also some great new fractals - fun to work on these while I take a break from knitting at night by the fire - using the laptop to create - check it out  - called it "We Are All Connected" - 'cause we are... with this great thing we call the internet - love it - and love that you can all share with me and I can be part of your world - thank you for being there and supporting me