Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Colour, Monet, Abstract and Soccer 2

New artwork finally, I was having trouble getting decent photos of the work
I am excited using all this colour is wonderful and I have sold some art with some very enthusiastic responses to it all and am so pleased!!
In keeping with the Rainbow colours theme, I have added two Monet impressionist type works and an abstract work
With some bright colours in a peaceful setting, this was painted with Monet in mind
Here you go !!!
This one is Monet Woods
with my daily walks to inspire me (the scenery is so beautiful walking through the woods and by the water... This is 14x18 acrylic on regular canvas with the sides painted - Original SOLD but prints, giclee canvas in many sizesframed work, cards and coffee mugs

The other one is Monet Woodland (really creative, I know - maybe someone can think of better names) and it has SOLD also.
Not done yet - what do you think of this abstract - same colour theme but more of a cityscape - this (to me) shows an explosion and chaotic stressful busy street with buildings rising up and a hustle bustle kind of feeling  - I have called it "City Street Explosion" as that is how the city feels to me - This one has SOLD but prints, cards and gift items available here

I have altered the soccer painting to please the purchaser (who wanted more RED which is really FUN)  now I have two versions available as prints for sale - the original is sold ... Here is the new version with more red 
Which one do you like better? The one in the previous blog post or this one?

I actually LOVE this one... and it really is that colourful - this took so many layers and has been weeks of painting little bits at a time but I am so pleased - a little boy's soccer dreams on the wall of his room and they love it 

Have a wonderful week!! If you would like to purchase any of my work, please visit my Artist Website or shop through Facebook in the "SHOP" tab at the top of my Facebook Page Thanks for all of your support and positive remarks, it means a lot to me and I am grateful

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Exciting Ones (in progress)

Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend - I have two more works in progress...

This is a Native American theme... painted to "Dances With Wolves" songs with John Barry - mostly Dunbar's theme and Fire Dance

See the fire spirit crawling away? It will be finished soon and posted onto the websites

So do you see why I am painting both of them at once? One on each easel... as one colour dries I am working on the other painting, then switch back - the music is awesome and very inspiring

This one is for Kyle... he loves soccer and he asked for a soccer painting - with the World Cup, I decided to make the soccer balls into "world balls" as my son Jeff used to call them (the globe) and a progression of young boys playing - going up to a full adult standing on top of the world - symbolic I guess - I am working on this still, but happy with the colours (Kyle wanted a lot of red) - so hope these added some colour to your weekend - I will try to keep going but can only paint in little bits

I have had a lot of pain over the past week - but these are happy paintings and progress is being made - hugs and happy creating to you - hope you like these

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Abstract Works for you

OK Folks... its been a while but we have to enjoy this summer weather while we can and summer will be over soon, so have been doing a bit more outside lately
BUT of course, still painting and creating...

Here is an Underwater Seascape with lots of coral and 3D effects using acrylic techniques - it is 9x12 on canvas board - can you see the fish in there? There really are a couple of fish but very subtle as the coral and seascape was my main focus here

I am working on quite a few things at once so a bit distracted

This is the second abstract - it is available as prints or cards only from my different sites
This is NOT a digital picture, it is a photo of my original acrylic painting - luckily I took a photo at this point because it was "done" to me
Then I woke up the following day and decided to change it...  I ended up completely altering the work

Do you see a feather coming out of the bottom corner and flowing up diagonally?  I painted this with FEATHERS from the path outside on our walk... Different sized Canadian Geese feathers and of course some other acrylic techniques but I used feathers to paint most of this art and it was fun to do - Don't be afraid to be creative and try something new with your art - I enjoyed doing these two different pieces

Hope you have a great creative day!