Sunday, August 15, 2010

Two Exciting Ones (in progress)

Hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend - I have two more works in progress...

This is a Native American theme... painted to "Dances With Wolves" songs with John Barry - mostly Dunbar's theme and Fire Dance

See the fire spirit crawling away? It will be finished soon and posted onto the websites

So do you see why I am painting both of them at once? One on each easel... as one colour dries I am working on the other painting, then switch back - the music is awesome and very inspiring

This one is for Kyle... he loves soccer and he asked for a soccer painting - with the World Cup, I decided to make the soccer balls into "world balls" as my son Jeff used to call them (the globe) and a progression of young boys playing - going up to a full adult standing on top of the world - symbolic I guess - I am working on this still, but happy with the colours (Kyle wanted a lot of red) - so hope these added some colour to your weekend - I will try to keep going but can only paint in little bits

I have had a lot of pain over the past week - but these are happy paintings and progress is being made - hugs and happy creating to you - hope you like these