Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two Abstract Works for you

OK Folks... its been a while but we have to enjoy this summer weather while we can and summer will be over soon, so have been doing a bit more outside lately
BUT of course, still painting and creating...

Here is an Underwater Seascape with lots of coral and 3D effects using acrylic techniques - it is 9x12 on canvas board - can you see the fish in there? There really are a couple of fish but very subtle as the coral and seascape was my main focus here

I am working on quite a few things at once so a bit distracted

This is the second abstract - it is available as prints or cards only from my different sites
This is NOT a digital picture, it is a photo of my original acrylic painting - luckily I took a photo at this point because it was "done" to me
Then I woke up the following day and decided to change it...  I ended up completely altering the work

Do you see a feather coming out of the bottom corner and flowing up diagonally?  I painted this with FEATHERS from the path outside on our walk... Different sized Canadian Geese feathers and of course some other acrylic techniques but I used feathers to paint most of this art and it was fun to do - Don't be afraid to be creative and try something new with your art - I enjoyed doing these two different pieces

Hope you have a great creative day!