Monday, April 26, 2010

From meadow to rocks and water almost done

Have been working on the painting with the beautiful sky from the previous post - I love that sky so I am NOT giving up on this painting - but it has changed from a meadow to water and the beautiful pink granite rocks... now I wonder why? haha (for those of you who do not know, I am surrounded by them here where I live)
I probably will be painting a lot of rocks from now on... am working on the trees and almost done
A bit overenthusiastic with the painting which caused some real suffering and I will have to pace myself - I should have known better... so I am painting in little bits each day, walking to take photos for reference and get out there and enjoy all of this scenery, and then painting with yarn (some call it knitting) at night and I think rather than painting all day and all night with walks in between, I was just too exhausted and in too much pain
Also I have learned that keeping a blog and talking to people and trying to go on other sites and make comments on their work as well as answering emails and facebook is so time consuming and I need to try to juggle and learn how to balance this new lifestyle a bit - I am very excited about the painting and happy to share with all of you - I am happy to do more commissions, and happy to answer any email questions about work you might like to have done.
Tomorrow I am starting a new painting and will have this present finished one up for you - and it will hopefully be a nice surprise - interesting that I had trouble painting one day and then with the music playing, it is much easier and the creativity just flows so nicely - but it is frustrating not to paint for hours at a time and stay "in the zone" - for now, I need to just slow it down a bit - I will definitely not disappear and will continue to paint every day (I wake up and immediately need to paint - I dream about it... so don't worry about that happening) but I may just blog once or twice a week rather than a daily blog - and tomorrow there will be a painting to show!! And another one started so I'm excited..,goodnight all