Monday, April 12, 2010

Previous Artwork

This is a new art blog so I will post some of my previous work here and then do updates with my paintings

Added a few highlights and a bit more of the Alizarin Crimson to the smooth rocks but this is an unbalanced painting showing the beautiful granite rocks and the deep blue purple of the water here - the sunsets are just gorgeous
Oil on Canvas - 12 x 16 Sold

The "Maiden in the Meadow" is Oil on Canvas 14 x 18 with deep purples in the sky and the rolling hills, evoking a sense of wandering the moors or climbing uphill on an endless journey - but the lady is headed towards the light and has made her way through the treacherous rocks so there is hope and the solitude is almost peaceful for her

Hope you find solitude and peace on your journeys too ;)