Sunday, April 18, 2010

Paintings Enhanced and More Realistic Portrayal

Have been working on the photography aspect ... taking pics of the paintings is difficult as the photos do not show the true colours, so have enhanced them to try and portray them more accurately for you
Also some "older" works here in this post just so you can follow along - enjoy - am starting a new one!! I am excited ... I must have taken 200 photos today on our walk - this area is so gorgeous I could paint every day and never paint enough - lots of material to work from today- off to upload the pics and figure out what to paint!!

Still not right but you can see the colours - the sky is a deep blue and the barn has some beautiful rusts and reds and burgundy in it - the florals almost look there are little pools of water
This is an older one - a watercolour with daisies - Welcome Spring and lets get some sunshine and warmer weather...

This is an older one too... an Indian Chief done in pastels on vellum paper - I really like this one  - the colours are fun and to me, he is very handsome and looks like a Chief should look
Have tried to enhance the colours in this "Maiden of the Meadow" painting for a more true depiction as it is really a very deeply coloured moving painting - it feels good and free and peaceful - the colours are soothing but very moody and the camera just could not capture it the way I wanted...
This one is for a very special person... and I worked from a photo reference but I tried to make it into a place of contemplation and solace... a relaxing, surreal place where you could sit on the rocks and watch the hawks and maybe a fox might just magically appear - the only sound is the wind and your dog rustling around in the meadow grasses and wild flowers nearby - I hope that is the sense you get from this painting - a tranquil spot and a very special place