Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring 2010

Some of these works were done to welcome Spring of 2010

This one is entitled "A Dog's View" with a playful dog romping through the meadow after his ball, encountering ghosts from the past but accepting them as though they are real and part of his world - they accept the dog, which leads me to think they may have had a dog romping nearby also - perhaps the dog will continue on and find a playmate

This is an Oil on Canvas 14 x 18" entitled "A Special Place" with four symbolic rocks and a meandering path through the beautiful meadow - the meadow is supposed to be surreal and magical with the serene view of the farmland and rolling hills and cows ...
a place to contemplate and rest where a deer or fox might just come and sit with you - it is a place of peace and happy thoughts

Bright happy Sunflowers with purple floral lilac bush by an old fence post - think Spring and cheerful colours ... this is Oil on Canvas 16 x 20"

Another Spring floral - purple fantasy flowers with little wild strawberries in a field of meadow grass - I painted this in my art studio during a snowstorm and wanted some bright happy colours ... it worked - every morning I would look outside and see grey and white but would pass by the studio and see these colours and feel SO much better - this is Acrylic on Canvas Board 22 x 30"

This is a smaller watercolour using negative painting technique, again during winter when there was just white and snow and grey and no colour and I really just wanted to paint something fun - a smaller scale - it is an 8 x 10 with the mat, and 6 x 8 unframed