Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Georgian Bay Through My Eyes

Sorry people - I said I would post yesterday but this painting was a struggle... from previous posts you can see how it started and how much it changed - that is the beauty of working with oils and of spontaneity ... with most of my paintings I walk and think about what I will be painting - then look at reference photos and then just paint - I paint from the heart and out of my head without looking at the photos again ... put on some music and CREATE - so sometimes what comes up is totally different from my original idea
Most mornings I wake up thinking about the colours - to me, the colours and the light and the actual "ACT" of painting and creating is more important than what I am painting, and oil gives me the freedom to do that and change it up - the music for this painting was Rod Stewart, Bruce Springsteen and some Robbie Williams songs - on my previous paintings I was working with Johann Strauss and a lot of classical music
Also the theme music from "Dances With Wolves" was a big part of the creation of this painting - I seemed to play the "John Dunbar Theme" over and over

I still love the sky on this one - tried to carry the soft purple through into the water and the rocks were tricky ... Alice and I walk these rocks every day and there is A LOT of pink granite but so many colour variations

I am going to paint many more of these because obviously it is what I see every day and I want to share with you and show you my little corner of the world...

The previous post had the "beginning" of the painting - here is one of the progression pics so you can see the trouble I had with it... See how they look like almost totally different paintings? Except for the sky of course - I have so many of these pics in my head and paintings that NEED to be painted - I did not want to give up on this one and was not happy with it.
Happy now and moving on to another - hope you like it too - it is so beautiful here - I think some Annie Lennox and Stevie Wonder might help for this new painting ... a beach scene (I think - haha - you never know with me...) Here is the start - will let you know what happens

I found a quote from a book called Art & Fear - to me the process of creating the art is more important than the painting itself... this quote makes sense to me
”To all viewers but yourself, what matters is the product: the finished artwork. To you, and you along, what matters is the process.” Art and Fear, page 5.