Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beach Dreams

Good day to all of you... a change of scenery today - a beach scene "just because" it is getting warmer and summer is on the way. This was a requested painting for a very special lady and hopefully it will help her drift away and dream of the beach and relaxing
This painting was really different for me - it was done ENTIRELY with a PALETTE KNIFE
I had a good time with this and enjoying using the palette knife and all of the effects one can achieve without a brush

This is oil on canvas board 12 x 16 - perfect size for her wall 

Many of you have enjoyed reading about the process of painting and seeing the stages of the work - my work usually takes a lot of time and many layers - 
The palm trees were interesting to try to paint with a palette knife but I think they were fun to do and would have been difficult to get the 3D effect with a brush - these palm trees are really thickly painted and stand out in the painting

I am trying to experiment with styles that are more loose and expressionistic or impressionist - with more of a focus on colour and light so using the palette knife was an exciting experiment and I am pleased 

I have been reading a lot of wonderful blogs by different artists and enjoying learning how to make an art blog - thank you all for your support and your comments 

I am off to create more ...