Monday, May 10, 2010

Floral progress

The floral acrylic canvas is coming along - building up with sponges and light washes and background
Above is a close up of the flowers being put in and the background leaves starting to come along
There are quite a few layers of work here and I have been experimenting with different items to get more comfortable = amazing what you can do with a canvas and some paint - this painting is not from a photo reference - it is being painted with music and my imagination which is the way I love the most
Thus no predicting how it will turn out and I do not feel locked in to any particular way of painting -- there is more freedom of expression and creativity this way
Here is the painting in full 30 x 40 inch canvas

Remember this is an Art Journal, so I post progress pics and am keeping this as a journal of my work as it comes along - Today is classical music I think - for a nice change
Thanks for all of your support and hope you are enjoying this - also wondering if the lighter background is better for you - A happy day to all of you