Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updated Art and New projects

Its been a while... revised some work and started new projects - internet was down for a few days so I took advantage of that and lots of new photos from long walks
Am pacing myself a bit more with the painting which is frustrating (as I would rather paint 24 hours a day) but necessary due to my back and neck injuries and the Fibromyalgia and arthritis sometimes won't allow me to paint the way I want to or do other things...

Updated the previous version of the abstract artwork with the eye - it has a lot more colour and not as dark now
This painting has SOLD but prints cards and reproductions available here

Also updated the Orange canvas I had done previously - this painting is sold

It was great to work with the bright colours and this has a lot of copper glow to it

And a few more but this is enough for today - am working on a website and it is frying my brain - Happy Painting and have a great day