Monday, June 21, 2010

Long Time Passing but Life is Good

Hi everyone - just celebrated my grandmother's 105th Birthday! What a wonderful family celebration and so great to see everyone ... I have been painting and working on a website so not updating the blog - trying to work with Photoshop and figure that out too - lots of computer time and not enough studio time
Here are some of the new works and within the next month I will have a website up where you can purchase originals and prints - it takes time
Am enjoying meeting fellow artists through the internet and seeing all of the wonderful art work in the meantime... walking my dog in this beautiful summer weather and seeing family and friends - Life is GOOD  - love to all of you
Some beautiful roses - acrylic on canvas 24x24 gallery size - this is like a Monet painting impressionistic and palette knife was fun for this - It is so pretty
My friend's dog "Rufus" he is such a beautiful dog, we would walk the trails with him and he has grown into a gorgeous dog - on your left is canvas board and on the right is an 8 x 10 on canvas - this is mixed media and I used acrylics and pen and sponge - this is a commissioned work and both SOLD to a lovely lady so her dog is immortalized forever and he is so beautiful - it was my pleasure to do this
I have called this one "Walk With Me" - this is out of my head... no reference photo - but it is where I walk each day with my dog... it is my impression of our daily walks and how I see the world - I love it here acrylic on canvas
This one is so pretty - like a Spring Meadow - it is full of wild flowers and I have given this one away as a gift to a very special lady... she just about died and her wonderful husband said it will have a special place in their home - I am blessed by their love and am so pleased to give them a treasure... this was a fun painting and very beautiful - prints will be available on the website
I think I will add a photo from the family celebrations this weekend - this is unusual for me as this is an art journal but turning 105 is unusual too 
This is a wonderful lady who has been a huge part of our lives and we all adore her - part of another era... she has lived through a CENTURY of changes and has so many stories - always a positive person, full of love and laughter and hugs... calling us "dearie" and supporting us all - this lady is so special - here is a photo of my grandmother who will be 105 years young tomorrow - love and congratulations to this beautiful woman

Love and Congratulations to my grandmother on her 105th birthday