Sunday, November 27, 2011

Painting, Creating and Re-Creating!!

Hi everyone - have been doing lots of creative things in addition to the painting and thought I would pop some pics up for you... and we had our First Snowfall which is always exciting!!

We had a milk jug out on the front porch for years at the old house and it got all rusted and abused with the weather and outdoors... so I went crazy (FUN) with the acrylics after preparing it and sanding it and rust coat etc. and then a gloss finish on it and it is a very fun creative "re-used" piece of art now - keeping it indoors for the winter but it will be fun outside again with wild grasses or corn stalks or whatever I end up putting in there on the front porch - an old broom? 

This is an old table that my husband's father made many years ago, it must be at least 50 or 60 years old... and it was in the shed covered in sawdust, underneath a bunch of boxes. I grabbed it and have covered it in old book pages (Tess of the d'Urbervilles) and letters, postcards, handwriting, stamps and pretty scrapbook papers... stamped it and wrote on it and coloured it with pen - the light is not accurate in this photo but it has an aged patina to it now and will finish it with a varnish and another item RE-Created !!! And of use and old Granddad would be pleased I think to see his table being used properly again

Book Pages and Scrapbook Paper decoupaged onto table

 Just a peek at the studio where it all happens - it looks messy but came in here after dinner to turn the lights off and go do the dishes and thought I would snap a pic !! But it is organized... I need everything within reach and accessible as it is difficult with gel medium and paste and paint on your hands to open drawers or boxes - so everything is out in the open and set up to be "quick grab" - all the books are sorted and the music playing and only one window - hmmm... but maybe that is part of the reason my work is so colourful, eh? I love this studio - it is a happy place and lots of CREATING going on in here - Hope you are creating too - and thank you for your support of my art
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