Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Winter 2011

November is Remembrance Day and my birthday and my father's birthday ... the leaves have fallen from the trees and we are getting ready to settle in for the winter by the fire.

I have been winding some knitting yarn and have my books picked out... the studio has two landscapes on the easels and some abstract art drying and waiting for photos so I can upload to the computer.

We have had our wonderful Thanksgiving and looking forward to the next family get together.

Finished a mixed media piece and some pretty daisies as well as an abstract and have been trying to update websites but need to slow the pace down a bit as the weather is killer right now for me.

I have not been sleeping much, in a lot of pain from the damp cold weather. But I am happy to be able to paint what I can and knit what I am able, and even made some brownies and apple crisp this Fall which is wonderful as I have not been able to bake for a few years now.

So things are okay and the painting to the music really helps mentally. Have finished two hats and a pair of socks, and working on a shawl - so winter knitting is taken care of - and our dog is waiting to run through the snow (which she loves).  She loved the boat rides this summer and stands on the side of the boat looking out... on her hind legs like a little kid - so cute - doesn't she look happy????
I also painted a Victorian Santa Claus on some unstretched canvas - just a scrap piece of canvas and then put it onto a support but obviously should have used a stronger support and it warped a bit - so really not useful for anything other than prints and cards... but it was fun to paint from my imagination and might paint more of these on canvas board instead so they are sturdier - at least this helps get into the Christmas spirit - we don't have snow yet, but it sure is getting colder and this fellow will be on his way soon !!!

Hope everyone had a lovely summer and Fall and happy to hear from all of you - Please visit my websites for custom reproductions, prints, cards and gift items with my original art - or contact me if you like

I am working on some great new pieces and the sun is shining today so I thought I would take the time to say hello and update the blog. Stay warm and cozy - and a Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends