Monday, November 1, 2010

Autumn in Muskoka

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL SAFE Halloween ... we have had some wind and snow and rain hail sleet here and now the leaves have fallen
I have painted a tribute to Oak Bay and the beautiful scenery here on Georgian Bay with the trees and the Fall colours of the leaves
I had a great time painting this and it was painted to Michael Jackson and the BeeGees so a fun time dancing along and singing and painting 
This painting talked to me and I talked back... It wanted to be some raw sienna and paynes gray but I am the artist... and I talked back - so it has COLOUR and is bright and happy and reminds me of the scenery here 

What a wonderful painting Day!! If you are artistic, you might understand what I mean when I say "I was in the Zone" - my father used to say he would get that feeling when he was running... so maybe it is a sports thing too... but I felt like today was one of those days - and it is a FABULOUS feeling!!! You abandon all thoughts and you disappear into the art - I don't know how else to describe it
So today was great - I hope tomorrow is the same but you can never tell
Each day is different
I also have been working on a Monet tribute - the Lily Pond - but I am not using a photo or reference... just looked at his painting and then shut it down
so I am doing it by how it feels ... I don't know if you feel that way too but it is like when you have something you love... you can just feel it
so this painting is in progress and is 48x48 gallery canvas with acrylics
It is a commissioned piece but I am taking my time as the arthritis is killer with a large piece of art like this... little bits at a time and it feels good
So this is not done yet but you can see the willow tree on the upper right and the sun reflecting on the pond with the lilies - it is a HUGE painting for me ... but wow I am really enjoying painting this in little bits at a time 
then I have to rest... thank goodness I am a knitter too and I can knit a bit on my lace shawl which is totally different than standing up and painting 

I will try to update my blog more often - especially for those of you who have written me and asked what is happening with the blog
I think I just need a break from all the upkeep and have been trying to rest and walk and be healthy - the art is wonderful for the mental health but the physical  health requires rest and little walks ... we have enjoyed the Fall and have had our first snow fall, and looking forward to a cozy warm winter 
Happy Painting and Creating to all of you!!! I will be back sooner than before and try to keep up with the blog - had to take a bit of a break - hope you are still here and still happy and thank you for believing in me and your support