Sunday, February 22, 2015

"The more I paint, they more I like everything." - Basquiat

Colorful acrylic and digital art image of girl with umbrella by Claire Bull
"Waiting" by Claire Bull
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That quote is absolutely the truth... for me. The more I paint or create, the more I NEED TO paint and create. Art has always been a huge part of my life and it consumes you and depletes you and energizes you and rejuvenates you and then does it all again. Every day. Even when I am sleeping, I dream about painting.

This first work is digitally enhanced but is from a painting with acrylics on wood. It is called "Waiting". I am not sure what she is waiting for or why we are waiting, but she looks pretty relaxed and comfortable. It could be a sun umbrella or a rain umbrella. I am really enjoying Figurative abstracts lately. Just painting women or children with no face, hidden face or imaginary faces.

I have been working with computer art starting since back in the 1990s when everyone had dial-up and 14.4 kbps connection and the big honking computers that took up an entire desk. 
"Flight of Future Days" Fractal Art by Claire Bull
Available in sizes up to 11 x 14 on cards, prints, canvas, acrylic, metal surfaces, phone cases
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I had found KPT and Painter and got really into the creating buttons and bars and backgrounds for people who wanted websites on the "World Wide Web" and then got into digital art. I started making Fractals and working hard at the art, So much that I missed a bit of my "real" life for a few months and luckily realized that it was turning into an obsession.
It is now 24 years later. 
I have been an artist all of my life.
But a digital artist for almost 25 years. This was a fractal image I made in 2011 and since then I have been working on digital art and photo manipulations and painting programs with the computer. It is a huge learning curve! 
But I always have colour - you can count on that !!  

Golden Retriever flying through the snow by Claire Bull

"Flying in the Snow" - Photo Manipulation by Claire Bull
Available up to 43 x 48 inch on canvas, paper, metal and acrylic surfaces, cards prints canvas
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Thanks to all of you who have been purchasing my work through the winter months - it makes a huge difference when we are inside and in the studio all winter and not seeing anyone. It is WONDERFUL to receive that gratification and the lovely comments ;) 

Keep on FLYING IN THE SNOW and if you can't, you can WAIT for the FUTURE DAYS 

Thanks for hanging in there with my random blog posts. 

And for buying my work. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and see the sales. 

Honestly. You people all buy at night. ??? 

I love it - thanks ! 


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